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Book Talk: The Way of Coyote

Ecological communities don’t stop where the buildings begin. Join Gavin Van Horn, author of The Way of Coyote: Shared Journeys in the Urban Wilds, for a presentation and discussion about how animals can help us rethink and re-story our urban areas. The Way of Coyote is a book that blends urban nature travelogue with philosophical reflection, exploring how wildlife can awaken urban dwellers to a shared sense of place and fate. Coyotes, who now populate most cities in North America, serve as the book’s totem species, offering parallels to naturalist Gavin Van Horn’s own efforts to adapt as an urban transplant to Chicago. Throughout the book, Van Horn travels with key scientists, conservation practitioners, and social change makers who have made unlikely turns toward urban nature, providing valuable context and vivid descriptions of a phenomenon occurring in cities across the world: the resurgence of urban wildlife. The Way of Coyote is a deeply personal journey that questions how we might best reconcile our own needs with the needs of other creatures in our shared urban habitats.