Foot and Ink

“Writing into the Wild” Workshops

Write with your senses alive. Hire me to lead guided contemplative walks for groups and individuals. I help participants cultivate mind-body awareness, using writing prompts and discussion to connect the wildness within to the wildness outside.

Walking + Book Talks

I’m happy to combine a book talk for The Way of Coyote with a guided walk.

Forest Bathing (shinrin yoku)

You might have heard of the hugely popular Japanese practice of “forest bathing” (shinrin-yoku). Amidst concerns about overwork, stress, and more sedentary lifestyles, people are finding their way back into the healing embrace of the forest (and in my region, the prairie). With some simple guidelines to set our intention for each of these walks, we’ll be slowing way down and talking very little. Our primary goal is to open up our senses and be as present as we can within the more-than-human worlds around us. 

Supporting member of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Gavin leading a nature walk in Chicago.

Gavin leading a nature walk in Chicago.

Thank you to Gavin Van Horn for facilitating a wonderful urban nature walk last Saturday at the Lurie Gardens... It was one of the most thoughtfully implemented, heartfelt programs I have participated in here in Chicago or anywhere.
— Marie S.